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Pars Plastic Turquoise Company Neishabour

Pars Plastic Firouzeh Neyshabour Co. was established in 2014 in a 7300 – square – meter plot in the Attar industrial zone of Neyshabour, aiming to methodically collect, separate, and recycle all types of plastic wastes. The company is equipped with washing lines for different types of waste plastics, a Hot-wash PET line, manufacturing polymer granules, and laboratory facilities for testing plastic properties.

The company is equipped with washing lines for plastics, hot wash lines, production lines of polymer granules and a laboratory for measuring properties.

While our history can be traced back more than 7 years, our approach to the market is the only engineering and precision design solution, which means that the products you see on this site are not just a combination of the latest technology available in It is our country, but it can bring you a competitive advantage and boost your business.

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With the ever-increasing needs of the plastic industry, Pars Firouzeh Plastic Neyshabour Co. seeks to develop products up to the latest environmental and quality standards