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Pars Plastic Turquoise Company Neishabour

Pars Plastic Firouze Neyshabour Company was established in 2013 in Attar Neyshabour industrial town on a land area of ​​7300 square meters with the aim of collecting, separating and recycling all plastic waste and waste.This company is equipped with washing lines for all kinds of plastics, hot wash PET line, production lines for polymer granules and a laboratory for measuring properties.

While our history can be considered longer than 7 years, our approach to the market is only engineering and precision design solutions, which means that the products you see on this site are not only a combination of the latest technology available in It is our country, but it can bring you a competitive advantage and boost your business.Also, in 1401, with the grace of God and the efforts of all the colleagues of this company, we were able to launch the second phase of the factory, the products of which are types of nylon – the full description of which can be seen in the products section of the site – and today it has become one of the most powerful production We have become the suppliers of nylon and nylex in the province, which has a license from the Food and Drug Organization and the Environmental Protection Organization, and our nylex export to neighboring countries has started since June 1402

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Strategy and vision

Our goal is to make Asil Rojman brand global and make Iran and Iranians proud with an open mind and a bright idea.

With the increasing development of the requirements of the plastic industry, we consider ourselves obliged to develop our products in accordance with the latest quality and environmental standards.

Our company was established with the aim of collecting, separating and recycling all plastic waste.